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Darkness Rises Mod APK Get Unlimited Gems and Money with the latest mod 1.57 . Darkness Rises is a post-apocalyptic RPG that takes place in an alternate timeline where the world has been immersed in darkness since humans first harnessed electricity.darkness rises mod

Darkness Rises Mod APK

As darkness spreads across the land, bringing with it a horde of ferocious demons ready to breach our gates. An epic fantasy RPG developed by Nexon awaits – your fate lays in front of you as you are tasked to descend into hell itself and destroy evil for good before it ravages this world. A

Legendary heroes await your call from earth-shattering berserkers that wield powerful skills or magic-wielding wizards who can stop any foe dead in their tracks! Choose between class types that fit your own playstyle but design yourself however fits best; hack through fearsome monsters with newfound power when these icky baddies try and stand against all odds.

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Key Features of Darkness Rises Mod

Adventure RPG

The game begins with a high-octane intro cinematic that sets the tone of what players will experience. You are set in an alternate world where demons have invaded and taken over, leaving you to fight your way through hordes of monsters by yourself against insurmountable odds. This is more than just about surviving; it’s truly making each movement count as if every decision counts on whether or not you live another day! The single-player mode provides hours upon hours worth of gameplay for those who don’t mind reading subtitles while playing solo campaigns (which can be turned off).


As the abyss expands, so does your need for a strong party. Your game skills will be put to the test with these challenging bosses that can’t wait to challenge you and take all of your loot!


Into the darkness you go, a world of epic visuals and nuanced gameplay. Fight with your allies against enemies in dungeons that will test even your most legendary heroes’ skills! Gather rare loot while exploring menacing dungeons to find out why Darkness is rising.


The Darkness Rises RPG gives you a chance to delve into the never-ending darkness. You can make your character as you see fit: Warrior, wizard, assassin or berserker – and then explore what lies in wait for them below ground level. From there on out it’s all about leveling up and taking down whatever stands between your party of heroes and their goal!

What's new

  • New Rank S++ costume added
  • New Rank S++ Kaligo Set costume added
  • Gilded costumes added
  • Gilded Dragon Butcher costume set added
  • New Rank S pet added
  • New Rank S Hamster pet added
  • Improved Raid
  • Improved Immortal Raid
  • Live Ops Event


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