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Breed your dragons, hatch them and build a farm for them in this updated modded (hacked) version of Dragon City mod apk! With the help of unlimited money and gold it's easy to upgrade or feed your dragon.
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Breed your dragons, hatch them and build a farm for them in this updated modded (hacked) version of Dragon City mod apk! With the help of unlimited money and gold it’s easy to upgrade or feed your dragon. You can also fight against other players on an battlefield with 100% working features from within Mod Menu so you’re not restricted at all when doing shopping trips into town – just make sure that if anything happens there are always plenty of gems waiting as backup because who knows what might happen next.

Dragan city mod apk

Dragon City Mod Apk 2021 Free Download (Latest Version)

One of the most popular social games is now available for your computer. Dragon City Apk lets you build a living on its own! Firstly, players must assemble their magical floating city by laying down buildings such as houses and farms in order to provide basic necessities like housing or farming land which will grow foodstuffs that are used primarily for training dragons so they can participate in PvP arenas online against other players’ creations.

Becoming among those who rule supreme at managing Terra Dragons from shop menus given how much patience one needs when breeding these creatures into battles known only too well across different servers depending upon where they live within this world setting up home bases around different regions each populated with unique dangers waiting.

The game is updated with new content every week, so it’s important to train as many dragons in your city because they will become more powerful and give you access to better upgrades.


Different dragons possess different elements. By breeding them, you can create a dragon of your choice and keep it on the correct habitat for hatching baby cute creatures that will be born from eggs! Train these little guys so they grow into powerful warriors who fight alongside their human masters as equals in combat or leadings citizens through adversity with brains like nobody else’s business.

The possibilities are endless when playing around with genetic code- there isn’t just one way to skin this cat after all; we’re sure no two players out there have seen everything yet either which means round three could bring something brand new right onto our screens never before imagined.

Players are constantly looking for a way to get around level limits and extra lives. They want something that will always be there when they need it, but all too often these cheat codes show up as an unexpected surprise in your game progress! But not anymore thanks Dragon City Hack Apk Exact Free Hacks Tool without human verification with full information about how use etc.

This amazing tool can turn anything into dragons gold coins gems or even unlimited resources so you don’t have another minute wasted on dying again because of lack some vital item needed just at the right time while playing through levels which means less money spent AND having fun doing what matters most; dragon hunting.

These are all based on one server and real versions. It is totally online, so the rumors about Dragon City Offline Mod being fake don’t have to be surveyed here; just visit our link below for a download! Download this game’s mod Apk (for Android/iOS platforms) which can also be played through Facebook if you want- stay tuned because other than that coming soon part.

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What is Dragon City Mod Apk?

Dragon City Mod Apk has been attracting major players community with its easy access to resources like gems and gold. The reason why people are opting for this, is because they can try out new strategies without spending any money on it! With all of these features available in one app you’ll never run out anything important- even if something goes wrong during an attack there’s always retraining or reviving your monsters so that nothing gets lost while trying different methods of attacking.

Maintaining strong relationships among friends by engaging them through video games requires understanding what makes each person tick which means getting into their headspace as well.

You can now enjoy unlimited gems and gold in the original game with this amazing private server that is run by your fellow dragon enthusiasts! You’ll never have to worry about limits again. Download it today for free, or subscribe using our one-time payment option so you get all future updates automatically delivered straight to your inbox without any hassle at all.


Dragon City Gameplay

What you can get by using this mod?

  • Expand your Dragon City as much as you want
  • Level up Dragons
  • Power up your Dragons
  • Breed any dragon of your choice
  • Speed up eggs Hatching
  • Unlimited Access to Food
  • Ease access to Ancient Portal
  • Free Greenhouse Unlock
  • Unlock new Arenas
  • Speed up the game and win any PvP Arena
  • With Unlimited gems buy anything

How Dragon City Mod Apk Works?

Dragon City is an amazing game where you become the ruler of your own kingdom. You can build it up from scratch or just manage one that another player has founded, and in either case there are many awesome things to do! One thing I really enjoy about this app though.

Even if not hosted on “the original” server version-is all these mods & hacks available which change how players interact with each other (such as making diamonds rare so people have something better than gold). It’s also pretty easy for anyone who wants some fun time killing monsters without having any experience playing games.

Significance of Dragon City Mod Apk?

You can quickly and easily download this mod to get unlimited resources like gold, gems or food for free. There are no viruses in the file so it will work on any Android device!

Features of Dragon City Mod Apk

The Art History Museum has an extensive collection of ancient art that dates back to different eras and cultures. Visitors can explore this world-class museum, which houses more than 6 million artifacts spread across six galleries in its latest exhibit: “The Beauty Of Ritual.”

A free app for Android devices called ‘Dragon City’ allows you to build your own illegal canned food or medicine factory on the go! The game offers countless features including managing workers who produce goods at each stage, selling those items off once processed into finished products then using proceeds from sales as inputs before repeating process indefinitely; all while striving towards higher ratings/XP levels so players have greater earning potentials.

Why would anyone want to play a game without all of its features? The makers behind this amazing app have created an ultra-modded version that will blow your mind. You’ll be able to enjoy everything dragon city has in store, but also experience new things too! With so much content and immersive gameplay it’s no wonder people are loving playing at modded levels–and who knows what else could happen if you get even higher level access.

Unlimited Gems & Gold

To buy anything, all you need to have is gems and gold. But this mod provides an unlimited supply of both so that no matter where your game stands in its progression cycle, there’ll always be gem or treasure trove waiting for ya!

Unlimited Food

Your dragons will never face the hardships of a game again! With this modded version, you can feed them as much food they want and need. It’s easy-peasy to use – just place an amount into their feeding troughs or eatables jars (depending) when filling up on goodies at home then head back out there for more adventures in no time flat

To keep your cutest little monsters happy while playing through those hard levels with only basic necessities available? I think not anymore.

Unlimited Health

To become the top dragon master, you need to have a healthy mindset. In PvP Arenas where everyone is fighting for victory and bragging rights with other dragons; it’s important that your character has enough health so they can compete without worrying about dying too quickly or being slaughtered by an enemy player who outclasses them in terms of power level.

You might think winning at video games means getting all gold medals on every race track available but those aren’t always achievable–especially if there are unfair obstacles like giant monsters blocking your path! Or maybe what really tears apart contender’s hopes lies deeper than any external factor –like some kind of personal flaw (elevated heart rate?) which leads him/her straight towards defeat.

Damage Booster

You’re looking for a way to get your battle going? Well, then look no further than the new-and-improved Dragon City Mod Apk. With this app you can easily access any Arena within reachable distance in just seconds flat! Don’t worry about earning these cards; they all come stocked right from our server ready made when downloading through Google Play Store or Apple App store respectively.

Dragon himself will be there waiting patiently at his throne while players fight each other tooth and nail over territory rights…until someone knocks on doors of his treasure trove which grants unlimited power by playing card boosters until levels maxed out resulting into ultimate destruction.

Unlimited Everything In short, you could have anything in your pocket or on the off chance that you’re lucky enough to be living near an Unlimited store- it’s time for some app shopping! This modded version will give your phone a whole new lease of life. 100% Trusted & Working Are we sure about this? We’ve been looking at Dragon City Mod Apk and its safety is undeniable so there are no worries when downloading from here either way round.

root required + safe use guaranteed = happy customers all around

How to Download/Install Dragon City Mod Apk?

It is very easy to download this beautiful strategic game. Just follow the below-given steps for Downloading.

  1. OPEN our Website.
  2. Press the INSTALL button.
  3. The file will start downloading.

For the INSTALLING file just follow below given steps.

  1. Go to SETTINGS.
  2. Click on the SECURITY button.
  3. Allow INSTALLATION from Unknown Sources.
  4. Now Open the downloaded file.
  5. Click on that file, you will see an option of installing the file.
  6. Click on the INSTALL button for further progress.
  7. After that process. you will be given two options DONE & OPEN. Just click on the DONE button.
  8. After successful installation, open Dragon City Mod Apk and get started.

NOTE: If the app is already installed then make sure to uninstall it first and then download the mod version.

What to do if you face the problem like APP NOT INSTALLED?

Follow these two simple steps, and the problem will be resolved.

  1. Firstly, restart your smartphone.
  2. Secondly, uninstall the old version and install the latest version.

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How to Install Apk with Obb Data?

If the Apk you need to install has Obb data, then follow below given steps.

  1. Download Mod Apk from our website and install(do not open it after installation).
  2. Open Obb and unzip it.
  3. Copy that folder into/ SDCARD/Android/ Obb folder.
  4. Now check and Open the application.
  5. Enjoy.

Dragon City Mod Requirements

As Dragon City Apk is an online game so, the minimum requirement includes internet connection, mobile/tablet/PC. The minimum requirement of software for android is 4.1 and up and for iOS it is 5.0 and up. It is rated for kids with 3+ years.

APP Name Granny
Developer Info DVapps AB
Category Adventure
File Size 99.8 MB
Version 1.7.3
Android Version 4.03 or above

What’s New in Dragon City Mod Apk?

  • Power in your hand.
  • Select the dragon of your choice and Empower your favorite.
  • Rescue the dragon of your choice.
  • Many more dragons on your way!!!!!!
  • Dragon Book Bug Fixes.
  • Unlimited Everything.

What's new

  • Power in your hand.
  • Select the dragon of your choice and Empower your favorite.
  • Rescue the dragon of your choice.
  • Many more dragons on your way!!!!!!
  • Dragon Book Bug Fixes.
  • Unlimited Everything.

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