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Head ball 2 mod Apk is the game for those who enjoy the excitement of football but don’t have time to invest in an extended game, this mobile game from Masomo Gaming is interesting. With its unique gameplay and caricature-styled players, it will surely impress many Android gamers! Engage in fast paced action with soccer challenges while making use of whichever part on your player’s body you can hit the ball with head.

The objective of Head Ball 2 is to outscore your opponent by shooting the football into their goal. If you get a penalty, don’t worry! You can also be saved if there’s enough time left on the clock – so keep at it and have some fun while playing with friends or online gamers from all over the world.

HEAD-BALL-2 mod apk

Features of Head Ball 2 Mod Apk

Choose from a variety of football characters

Most Android gamers are familiar with the beautiful, exciting gameplay of football. With Head Ball 2’s 96 unique characters, each with their own interesting style and upgradable elements to explore; you can enjoy this game whenever you want! And as reward for your hard work in-game by building up a strong team of fans who love watching games played at your stadium – upgrades will also be available that allow more bonuses from what is otherwise an ordinary home ground.

Multiple upgrades for your characters

Head Ball 2 allows gamers to choose from hundreds of accessories which can be used in unique ways to improve player skills and powers. With 18 upgradable abilities, this game is perfect for both newbies and hardcore players who are looking for something different than the normal RPG games!

-Games like Head Ball 2 don’t just offer a fresh take on your favorite Android gaming genre; they also give you freedom over how you play with its extensive selection of items that might help kick things up or even allow creative strategies never before seen by other players. In addition, there’s an upgrade system that keeps gameplay exciting as well as challenging enough so it doesn’t get old too quickly.

Head-Ball-2-mod apk

Enjoy the game with many competitive leagues

Head Ball 2 is a fast paced and exciting soccer game, which features different leagues to play through. There are 5 total leagues that provide an authentic experience for Android gamers of all levels. You will find your opponents getting more difficult as you progress in the league tables so be ready! Head ball 2 offers diverse gameplay with simple controls while still being highly addictive.

Simple and unique gameplay of soccer

Head Ball 2 is a game for those of you who enjoy the casual, funny gameplay. Here in Head Ball 2, gamers are free to take full control of their body-less footballers and introduce them into addicting matchups with other players around the world!

You can take control of different types of players, like a striker or goalie. Using the intuitive buttons and 2D stadiums you’ll be able to perform epic moves for scoring goals while blocking opponents from coming near your team’s goalpost. The rules are as easy as kicking the ball away!

With Head Ball 2, you can enjoy the thrill of football with your friends or online in a never-ending game. Join each other for exciting real time matchups and always find an unique experience to add into your playbook!

With Head Ball 2, make sure you’re constantly on alert because when one team scores points they might be able to change them back by scoring again before the clock runs out – but it’s not as easy as it sounds since kicks are worth more than touchdowns so don’t let yourself get too cocky!

Head-Ball-2 mod apk

Feel free to customize your football players

Android gamers can now stand out from the crowd with a personalized team of players, including head-butt footballers. Created by Rockstar Games and published on Android devices for free, this game has been optimized to offer an immersive gameplay experience combined with engaging character customization options that allow you to make your in-game player look exactly how you want them too!

Enjoy the soccer team gameplay with others

And to make the game more interesting, Android gamers in Head Ball 2 will also find themselves enjoying an exciting new football experience with Soccer Team mode. Here you can simply join any existing team of your tastes, or create your own and have all friends joining you on this ultimate soccer adventure. Take on multiple challenges as a member of one team while still being able to contribute to other teams at the same time and earn awesome rewards from playing!

Head-Ball-2- mod apk

Connect to your Facebook accounts for more interesting perks

Head Ball 2 is the perfect game for anyone who wants to have a fun and interactive experience, while also enjoying some perks. Connecting your Facebook account will enable you to not only see what all of your friends are doing, but it can allow you to challenge them in battles! If that’s something you’ve been looking forward too then simply connect it with Head Ball 2 today by following these easy steps:
– Go into Settings > Link Accounts>Facebook
– Confirm/Agree on Terms & Conditions
– Tap “Authorize App” if prompted or enter login credentials (username and password)

Free to play

You can now enjoy the complete gameplay of Head Ball 2 on any mobile device without having to pay anything. As a result, you can easily find it available for free in the Google Play Store!

Enjoy the interesting gameplay with our mod

Head Ball 2 is the most hilarious football game on the market! With big head characters and a wide selection of modes, you’ll never have to get bored. Plus with our mod for Head Ball 2 there are even more different ways to enjoy this amazing sports title- now gamers can play in teams or as giant heads themselves! If you’re looking for an excellent time while playing some sporty games online, why not give us a try?

Visual and sound quality


Android gamers in Head Ball 2 will find themselves completely hooked to the awesome football action thanks to hilarious character designs. The dynamic and dashy physics will also make soccer actions a lot more fun, engaging, and exciting. Visual experiences like animations that come with progressing through the game are not only interesting but they create an even better experience for players!

Sound & Music

Head Ball 2 is the perfect game for those who want to experience an interesting new way of enjoying soccer. With this latest release, you can enjoy more immersive audio experiences that will keep your attention on what’s going down in the field at all times. Plus there are sound effects and soundtracks available which make sure you never miss a beat because they’ll hook into every exciting moment with electric energy! Anyone looking for a much more engaging gaming experience couldn’t ask for anything better than Head Ball 2.

Final thoughts

For those of you who’re interested in soccer games that are casual, engaging and easy to get started with (you know the ones), then this new game from Masomo Gaming is for you. With Head Ball 2 on our website, players can enjoy a humorous take on football thanks to its mod gameplay which features hilarious giant-head characters – so your playing experience will be even more fun than ever before!



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