Project QT MOD APK Download Latest Version – (Unlimited Gems, Coins) May 2022 Update


Project QT mod apk will offer much more than just puzzle game mechanics. Get ready for a crazy adventure through the multiverse! You’ll meet some of the most seductive characters you've ever seen, and do battle with your toughest opponents yet.
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Enjoy playing the new Project QT MOD APK. It’s a free online game with Resources Unlocked, unlimited Coins and Gems, fully unlocked spots, and cheats added using advanced technologies! In this latest version of the mod, you will also get God Mode which makes your character invincible to damage for 30 seconds as well as High Damage mode which allows you to destroy anything in sight without having to wait around or reloading again.

We all have that one game on our list of games we want to play but never get around to. Well not anymore! We’re here with the solution for your problem-adventure games are just a click away from you; ready and available at any given moment in time.

With so many different options out there, it can be difficult trying to find which adventure is right for you–so let us help! Our website has everything an adventurer could need: puzzle-solving adventures or action-packed battles? You name it, we’ve got something for everyone’s taste buds. Adventurers looking specifically into Project QT Mod APK will love this new Android app that includes both types of gameplay without taking up too much space on their device.

project qt mod

What’s New in the Project QT MOD APK?

The latest mod version of Project qt is updated with a lot of new features! The old versions were packed with lots of features, but Nutaku just keeps on adding more and updating them to keep up with what the game player wants. In this newest update, you can see tons of awesome new things like improved gameplay that will surely make it worth playing for those that haven’t yet tried out this cool mod before.

App Name Project QT MOD
Category Simulation, Mod
Version  15.5
Updated On 13/05/2022
Size 77 MB
Developer Nutaku
System Requirements Android 5.0 and up

Project QT hack

Project QT Hack is not available on Google Play Store because it’s the property of Nutaku and that’s why it can be found on its official website. Furthermore, the Google play store doesn’t allow anime-based applications. That’s what makes Nutaku release all its games to its Site. And this game has been loved by many anime gamers out there – you know how much you love playing Project Qt Apk! This is what led your search for a project qt apk download mod or hacks 2021 update as well! We have updated our latest version with new features last week so stay tuned in order to get access now!”

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Storyline Of Project Qt Mod Apk

Project qt 2022 is essentially a collection of supergirls that each have unique skills. They have come from another planet to defend the earth from bloodthirsty adversaries who are attempting to extinguish the earth’s population. The game is a lot of fun. As a result, be prepared to learn more about this game.

The original project qt apk has been converted into the project qt mod apk. There are limits and a lot of in-app purchases in the original version. As a result, every player is unable to buy it and thus misses out on the game’s additional benefits and features.

Features of Project QT MOD

  • Unlimited Coins

Coins are the primary form of currency in Monster Girl Quest. You need coins to upgrade, promote and evolve girls and you can use them in our Coin Summon for unlimited prizes! For a limited time only on Project QT MOD APK, we’re giving away Unlimited Coins so that your monster-girl experience is always fresh with new content from us. Download it now at no cost via our website.

Project mod apk coins

  • Unlocked Character/ Gorgeous Monster Girl

This is one of the most attractive features of Project QT mod Apk. In every game, beautiful girls are obviously an eye-catching feature that every player loves and the developers understand that. While playing, you can add to your team a defeated commander from another clan after defeating them in the battle for their abilities when required during participation in different campaigns!

Project QT provides players with yet another way they can customize their army as well as have fun while doing so by adding captured commanders into your activities who will then be available until killed or otherwise removed; these prisoners come equipped with special skills which may prove valuable depending on what type of campaign you’re engaged in at any given time–players never know where or how far away from danger.

  • Unlocked all the levels

One of the best ways to level up quickly is by completing story stages and doing your daily quests every day. To earn for The Level Boost, you’ll need 850 expensive points if you finish your dailies! It’s also important to learn about farming basics, sweeping levels, and preparing a girl’s outfit. One way that new players can get through from Week For Tasks on easy missions where they will soon be able to reach around level 30 in no time at all with just some basic knowledge.

  • Different Occasions

In this game, every time you play there are new and exciting events to take part in. You can learn tactics from these various events that will enhance your skills while also keeping it fresh for repeat players who want a challenge. This game is so addictive; many people have played it 24 hours straight without getting bored!

  • Play games with your friends

This game puts you in the shoes of a team fighting against enemies that are trying to take over your world. You can make a strong team with friends and play together as one, or have fun playing solo missions at home by yourself. This adventure game allows users to fight back against an enemy using their own skills on the battlefield; however, this is not just for single players! If two people want to go through it but don’t know how, they can form groups so both will be able to defend themselves during raids from intruders each time.

project mod apk features

  • Two Games in one

The game you’re playing is like two games in one! For a more action-packed experience, try the fighting mode where there are many different opponents to fight against. On the other hand, if you want to relax and just play puzzles for a while with no time limits or pressure on your opponent’s side, then go ahead and choose that instead of adventure mode.

  • High-Definition Graphics:

This software features high-resolution visuals and a high-resolution display. While playing the project apk, you will feel nice. Project QT is rated as one of the best anime graphics games, and all its characters are designed in a uniquely cute fashion. They’re chibi-sized during battles, which makes them even cuter! All the characters have different appearances from others – that’s what keeps things interesting for you. Not only do they look adorable on screen; their drawings were done by talented mangaka who take time to make each character unique with amazing details so there’ll be no boring parts for you either!

Project qt mod APK


  • Easy to play

Project QT mod apk is a game for anyone looking to get their feet wet in the world of video games. With its simple interface, there’s no need to be an expert gamer just yet! Anyone can jump right into the ProjectQT mod apk and start playing with ease.

  • Make your very own map

One of the best features of this game is that you can create your map as per choice. The players are given full freedom to make their own maps according to taste and preference. All it takes for a player with no knowledge about how these games work, are some tutorials that will help them learn quickly enough so they can play without any worries!

  • One Hit Kill
  • Infinite HP
  • Auto Update
  • GOD Mode
  • High Damage
  • Premium quality
  • Use all free resources to protect the black hole adventure.

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Multi projects Addition:

The ability to add objects, blocks, NPCs, pipes, and teleporters in-game, rather than just during project qt all characters mod creation, is the main feature of Qt Mod. This gives you more flexibility when creating game content and gives you a live preview of what you’re creating. There’s no need to guess anymore! If you want to include something simple in your project qt mod 15.5 (such as a custom tree), you can use a command to spawn it from within the world.


Complete your journey with all of your might

By connecting the same color blocks with each other, a player can execute a variety of operations. As a result, by connecting additional blocks of the same hue, you can quickly achieve high points. In addition, there are certain unique objects in the game. A player can improve his or her game by utilizing them.

The Gameplay

Project QT mod apk will offer much more than just puzzle game mechanics. Get ready for a crazy adventure through the multiverse! You’ll meet some of the most seductive characters you’ve ever seen, and do battle with your toughest opponents yet. As you progress through each level, new hentai scenes are unlocked that will leave you on edge as they play out in their entirety before your eyes.

The game is set in an imaginary world where science and technology have evolved to the point that they can go beyond Earth. They discovered a Black Hole at the North Pole which led them into another dimension, capturing their interest in cosmic knowledge. In this new realm of existence, there are Aliens who also happen to be attracted by these discoveries too!


The experimentation on the Blackhole has terribly backfired and led to an invasion of monstrous beings from other realms. Luckily, a group of courageous individuals is willing enough to stand up against these invading monsters so that they may keep their planet in one piece.

Create your own squad of space girls to protect mankind in this game! You’ll have to train them with the skills you know they have, but don’t forget that each girl has a unique set of hidden abilities. It’s up to you as their trainer and leader how well these new recruits will do on Earth. Train hard because humanity is counting on it!

Playing Instructions:

  • For playing project QT MOD APK your mobile be compatible to play this game.
  • You should have a suitable internet connection and download the mod version to fully enjoy all of its updated features!
  • You will need some free time, but you can just pick up where you left off when that happens.
  • This is not available on any app store because there are some restrictions in place for games like these.
  • BUT we always make sure our visitors get the best experience possible by providing them with an entirely new way to access their favorite video game through us!
  • Unlocked Character
  • One Hit Kill
  • Infinite HP
  • Unlimited Coins and Gems
  • Auto Update
  • GOD Mode
  • High Damage

Download Project QT Old Version MODs

Project QT MOD 8.0

Project QT MOD 9.0

Project QT MOD 10

Project QT MOD 10.6

How to Download Project QT Latest MOD 15.5

  • Android 5.0 is required on your device.
  • Your device must have at least 3 GB of RAM.
  • You must have 66MB of free space on your computer.
  • First, download the Project QT apk or mod apk file from the download button.
  • The installation process will start automatically on completion of downloading and installing in your phone.
  • It is a one-tap game app that does not need any introduction because it has been played by millions all over the world since its release date!
  • This new version enables you to fight against 99 teams with different skills that are playing at this time around the globe for maximum fun and amusement experience so take advantage as soon as possible before they disappear forever!!
  • Click on the download apk button.
  • You will be redirected to the download page. Wait for 5 seconds only.
  • The download button will appear after 5 seconds. Click on it. Downloading will start automatically.

What’s New in This Version:

  • One Hit Kill
  • Pearls unlimited
  • Coins unlimited
  • Ryo unlimited
  • Bug Fixes
  • Optimization
  • All Unlocked Characters
  • Auto kill
  • Infinite Chakra

Final Words

No doubt, Project QT Mod APK is a powerful simulation game. The developers have designed this game as per the gamer’s needs. Beauty, glamour, and sharpness- these are three basic rules of an entertaining gaming experience for every player and this particular one have all of them in place! All it takes to make your brain sharper just by playing its gameplay too so I will suggest you try out this addicting fun with friends or make new ones from across the globe right away!

No doubt, Project QT Mod APK is a powerful simulation game that was made keeping players’ needs in mind; beauty – which adds to pleasure with full visuals; glamor – creating eye-catching appeal not only for oneself but also amongst peers


If you enjoy adventure games, then Project QT Mod Apk is the perfect game for you. You will have to make a team of strong players in order to win more and unlock all their sources – this app has everything an adventurer could want! If puzzles are your thing too, don’t worry; there’s plenty here as well. So what are ya waiting for? Play Project QT Mod now!


Can I download it from Playstore?

No, you cannot! Project QT is an app that belongs to a restricted category and the play store has been banned from publishing this one. You will have to get your own copy of the APK by visiting.

Is it safe to download?

Absolutely! I’ve been downloading all the time for years and never had any problems.

Is there a chance I’ll be banned if I play Project QT Mod Apk?

Any application that appears on our website has been thoroughly tested and put through different trials. Without hesitation, enjoy this game.

How can I get Project Qt Mod Apk or upgrade it?

From the download link provided above, you can easily download this mod apk. Read our installation guide for more information.

What are the requirements for Project QT MOD APK on Android?

Android version 5.o or higher is required.

Is Wi-Fi required for Project QT APK play?

Wi-Fi is, without a doubt, necessary. Because this game includes PVP Arenas, Wi-Fi is required.

Is everything in the current Project QT MOD APK unlimited?

Yes, absolutely. Because this is a God mod, you will have unrestricted access to everything.

Is Project QT a cooperative game?

Yes, it is a multiplayer online game. You are welcome to ask your relatives and friends to join you in the game.

What is the current version of Project Mod’s size requirement?

Its size need, according to the most recent version, is 66 Mb.

Why are children under the age of 18 not permitted to participate in Project QT?

Because it is a simulation game, the different intimate variables that are plainly not allowed by the parents to come across must be avoided at all costs. That is why the age limit has already been specified by the developers.

What's new

  • Unlimited Coins
  • Unlocked Character/ Gorgeous Monster Girl
  • Unlocked all the levels
  • Different Occasions
  • Play games with your friends
  • Two Games in one
  • High-Definition Graphics:
  • Easy to play
  • Make your very own map
  • One Hit Kill
  • Infinite HP
  • Auto Update
  • GOD Mode
  • High Damage
  • Premium quality
  • Use all free resources to protect the black hole adventure.



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